movin' on up!

If you haven't read on my plethora of social networking profiles or heard through the grapevine, Nick and I have moved! In terms of distance, it wasn't a big move at all (literally 5 minutes away from the old place) but, it's a huge life upgrade for us. 
I lived in my moderately sized, one-bedroom apartment for just over 3 years. It was carpeted, built in the 1920's, no a/c, no garbage disposal, & no on-site laundry. It was my ultimate bachelorette pad and I loved living there. The summers were a bit brutal with no a/c but I survived. In 2012, I adopted my second cat, Frida, then Nick moved in with me later that year and suddenly, my moderately sized bachelorette pad became much smaller. 
We made it work for as long as we could bare, though. 
I had begun searching online for a new place just a few months ago. I literally checked every single day. We looked at a handful of places but, either they just didn't meet our requirements or we were too late to the application party. I put in call after call and then, one day, we got a call back to come see a potential place just down the street. 
We walked in, looked at each other and knew that we had found it. It literally was $5/month less than our limit. 
Get this....we now rent a completely renovated, 2 bedroom bungalow with wood floors, central heating and air, a garbage disposal, A DISHWASHER, brand new appliances (anyone need a microwave?), granite countertops, lot's and lot's of windows, no shared walls (it's a bungalow), a landline, an alarm system, an attic?!, a parking spot, great property management, AND laundry on-site. We couldn't be more happy or grateful. 
We're completely moved in but are living under a mountain of boxes. Slowly, but surely, I've been nesting in (this is where I shine). 
Also, the cats seem to really be loving it. It is quite entertaining to watch them slide around on the wood floors....Zig, especially. They're still unsure about the noises that come from the dishwasher and the a/c....also very entertaining to watch.
I'm still a little shocked and in disbelief that we found this place. It seems to good to be true. This feels so adult. 
I've shared all of my most recent photos below. Just click through....