I just wrote a really good blog post, detailing the depression I've been dealing with lately and then POOF! "Something went wrong" and I had to reload the page with no option of saving my draft. 

So in short, I'm clinically depressed, I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow.  Yes, I've exercised, been in the sunshine, communed with nature, meditated, tested all my vitamin, hormone, and blood levels, taken fish oils, acupuncture, no, I don't want to be on SSRIs, I'm not sad, SADNESS ≠ DEPRESSION, yadda yadda (please save any unwarranted advice).
 At the core of everything, I don't want to do anything other than sleep. I will be going back on meds (just something different from an SSRI). I have a great support system (therapist included), so don't worry, just wanted to explain myself.

I'm so angry about my post being deleted, I'm just about to throw something. It was so well-written. Sorry, this post reflects my anger with technology. I'm heading outside. Got to take Bess to have her stitches removed from her spay surgery. 

In the meantime, here's a track I recorded with Nick (bless his sweet heart) the other day. He got me out of bed for a little while to record some songs, just for fun. 

The title is quite a pro pos......

That's all I have for you. I will post again once I re-surface. I've got some help to get. 

I love you all, truly, I do.