the start of something meaningful.

Hi, welcome. I've decided to revivify my old blog.
A few reasons, one of which being the sad reality that Facebook, where I would engage most frequently, has become desolate, divisive, and littered.
Secondly, I what to be able to document things and share with family, friends, and fans.
Thirdly, since I am now a student again, I'm acquiring a strong desire to hone in on my writing skills, since that is what I'll be doing ad nauseum for at least the next 5 years of my life, if not more.

I don't want to have to recount all the bullet points spanning the time of a month or two or three, as became the trend for me the last few years. I want to start the daily practice of writing, publicly, about anything, but most likely just the happenings in a day. I have a feeling it'll start out as some idle dribble but will hopefully gain some momentum and life as I get into the rhythm of it.

So, let's not waste any time then, right?

Well, today is Sunday which means I had my church gig. It was also the end of Daylight Savings Time and I did not go unscathed....yep, my phone alarm went off at 7:45am and when I rubbed my eyes to look at my old clock (that I've had since the 90s) to see 8:45am, you could bet your bottom dollar that I leapt out of bed hollering to Nick, "I NEED TO LEAVE NOW!! OH MY GOD I NEED TO LEAVE NOW!!"

This was intensified because today of all days was the day they were going to take my picture for the church website and boy-howdy did I need the time to "put on my face". This was further compounded in that my phone has been mysteriously not charging, dying, and then recharging, though not fully, in the middle of the night, all the while it being plugged in. Methinks it's an iOS update glitch. So Nick made the smart assessment of saying, "huh, that's weird because my phone says 7:45am...ohhh its the end of daylight savings".
And then of course I fell back asleep for too long and was 5 minutes late to our warmup after all. I blame Bess and her warm little body curled up next to me. (Speaking of Bess, she's currently made a bed on in my lap.)

After church, and thankfully a successful photo for the website, I headed home to eat some lunch - a homemade soup inspired by saag paneer, though I used gobs of full fat coconut milk and tofu instead of cheese. It's been a go-to as I've been trying to eat (vegan) keto as much as I can bare. It's easy though when I get stressed, I just want to grab the comfort food like pasta. It's (the vegan keto diet) helped me lose about 13 lbs in just a couple of months so it definitely has encouraging incentives.
After the soup, I was off to West Hollywood to teach my little 6 year old piano student and her father. They're a sweet and fun family with a beautiful home, so the drive to WeHo and back is at least for an enjoyable job.

Back to pasta: for dinner I tried these shirataki spaghetti noodles that are made from soy beans, have >1g carbs, low calories, and are vegan. Too good to be true, right? Well, my excitement was quickly diminished as the first bite revealed that the texture was much like mushrooms, of which I am oh so not a fan. At least my sauce was good.

Nick's been gone all day - he had a gig at the famous Lighthouse Cafe in Hermosa Beach and then a duo video session with a singer in Redondo Beach. I asked for him to grab some quarters so that we can wash our linens, but on his way home he was lured in by the Armenian pool hall in our neighborhood. He so loves pool, maybe even more than he loves music. He said he'd still bring me quarters, so there's that.

So now, I'm sitting here in sweat pants, an old OMEA Choir sweatshirt from 2003, and fuzzy socks, trying to stay awake and hopefully be motivated enough to go over my music history reading for tomorrow's class. I don't NEED to but it does help me in the long run to stay caught up.

Tomorrow's another long one: Music History, school choir, a meeting with a professor, and then PMC rehearsal in the evening. It feels like a funny little period right now as I'm just so anxious to get back to Tulsa to visit the family for Thanksgiving. My Papa has not been well and it's been over a year since I last visited. But there are rehearsals to be had, services to be sung, exams to be taken, papers to write, and students to teach.

Here's to a good week - may you all stay productive, pleased, and focused.

Until later,