2k13 in review

The past few days, I took inventory of this last year. It’s been a VERY eventful year that, for the most part, was fantastic but, ended with a dark cloud. I’m going into 2014 on an upswing, coming out of a dark chapter, with plans of more music and much more growth. There are things to let go of, things to improve upon, and things to learn. Happy New Year, to all!

A glance at my 2013:

Started part-time general music ed job at elementary school
Played a show at an art gallery for a showcase
Started volunteering with youth group at Unitarian Church
Played at Left Coat Wine Bar

Played with Nick for Blue Plate Special at Noor in Pasadena
Traveled to Tulsa to play at The Oklahoma Jazz Hall Of Fame
met Rio, my niece, for the first time
Nick met my family and saw my hometown
Show at Left Coast Wine Bar with Nick and Will Lovell

Met Oleta Adams,
Reached out to someone who didn’t want it and learned a big lesson
Beginning of Spring season of elastic hour
Hosted a ladies lunch with some girlfriends
Danced in a show for a friend
Started planning my Pledge Music campaign
Took a trip to Joshua Tree
Played at Red White and Bluez in Pasadena
Lost a youth group member, Lucas Pender
Struggled with difficult client

Filmed pledge video
Nick receives vibes endorsement
Nick records hi album, “storyteller”
My parents came to town for the first time in 5 years
Took a trip to Solvang with parents
Nick’s Birthday - huge party
launched Pledge Music campaign

Spring season of elastic hour ended
Did a vocal session for a Japanese pop artist (very memorable)
Hosted a show at the Blue Whale as “Meowstro” for The Cat Pack
Met Burt Bacharach!
Tornadoes rip through my home, Oklahoma
Zig fractured his femur
Raised money overnight for his surgery
Zig got his surgery
Saw Grethel, my now duo partner, perform for the first time
went to Solvang with the Cordy’s
Nick’s release show for storyteller
Our one year anniversary

First Polybuzz/Sangster show at Left Coast Wine Bar
YRUU youth group overnight lock-in
Spring concert with GPME (school)
Announced my new position as General Music Teacher at GPME
Went to Solvang for my b-day
My Birthday
Great photo shoot with Grethel by Keith (where they met officially!)

Best Friend Lindsay came to visit for first time
Nick goes to NYC for session
Started summer job as counselor/teacher at the ACE camp
Died my hair red
Carla & Marcie’s wedding in Santa Barbara
Reached Pledge Music goal
Played celebratory show with Ross Garren @ LCWB
Stopped taking Prozac

Start of Polybuzz/Sangster residency at Westfield Plaza in Century City Went to Upstate NY to visit Nick’s family
Went to Travis and Jamia’s wedding in DC
Wonderful beach day in Laguna with friends
Did album cover photo shoot with Keith
Started recording EP

Fall season of elastic hour starts
Friend, Diana Kazakova came to visit
Polybuzz/Sangster at elastic hour
Mixing began for EP

Started eating in Paleo style
My niece Rio, turned 1 year old
The start of Nick’s Blue Whale residency
Release of Nick’s album, “West Coast Cool”
Released EP, “Human Becoming”
Release show at Blue Whale
Saw Sam Amidon perform and met him at McCabe’s
Performed with Nick’s chamber Trio at Blue Whale
Guested with Arf at elastic hour
Our awesome neighbors, the Cordy’s moved
Fulfilled incentives for Pledge campaign
Went through sciatica hell
GPME Halloween concert

Took a trip to Julian, CA with Nick
Hosted 2nd Ladies Lunch
Our dear friend Will Lovell died
Performed with Leah Zeger for her album release show
Took a trip on the metrolink to Claremont
Went ring shopping!
Went to the memorial for Will
Trip to Tulsa for Thanksgiving
Helped with my sister’s arts and crafts show, The Alliday Show, in Tulsa

Went to GOBS of holiday parties
Developed a kidney stone
GPME school closes it’s doors after 36 years
Did an interview for a “real job” - didn’t get it
Last Holiday Concert at GPME
Went into the hospital with a high fever and discovered a raging uti
Started to restore health and overall well-being