a celebration

A celebratory photo with my album artist, Bridget Klappert and co-producer, Ross Garren. 

The campaign has reached 95% with 9 days to go still!
We’re elated.
HUGE thank you’s go out to, Juliane Gralle (a repeat pledger because someone needs new coffee mugs ;) ), a pseudo sister Tracy Cooke, a family friend James McConnell, another repeat pledger and dear friend Dave Meros, a longtime friend Leanne Buckley, a former employer, friend and inspirer Roland Orzabal, and a new fun and talented friend Sara Leib!!!!!
This gives me so much hope for the future of the creative arts. We’re all stepping up because we all know how important it is. 
If you’re local (LA), Ross and I will be doing a duo celebration night of music at Left Coast Wine Bar in Glendale on July 27th, 8p. Free and a great venue.
Also, pledging can still continue after the goal has been reached. 
So here’s to the final stretch and the days beyond!