My friends, I’m not going to beat around the bush….my campaign could actually use a boost. 

As I mentioned before, I set my goal low so as to make it a success so, I’m still digging deep into my personal pocket for funds. Sometimes it’s what we have to do for our art but, I’ve come to the resolve that there is no harm in asking for support. 

My release date is October 3rd and every penny helps. 

This is how records are made nowadays. It’s a really amazing movement that’s happening for the creative arts. Won’t you consider supporting? 

I’ll be updating my social accounts all week as we record the EP, to share photos, tidbits and videos. Hope you enjoy!

Thank you, all for all of your support, kind words, and donations. It’s how this record will become!




(a candid from yesterday’s cello session with Artyom Manukyan, Nick Mancini and Ethan Carlson. Photo courtesy of Ethan Carlson.)