DAY ONE & TWO // Operation: PLEDGE

A HUGE thank you to my first day pledgers (yesterday), Tracy Spears, Dave MerosBenjamin L. Sperber, Janis Walkingstick, Arlene Wszalek, Adrienne Henske, and Janice Whaley for their super generous pledges!!! 7% on the first day ain’t bad at all!! 

AND another MASSIVE thank you goes out today to Kevin KrohnCraig Bartlett, fellow Okie love, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Ross GarrenNajam SaeedKelly DiazAi Buangsuwon, & another Okie, Carrí ÐuPoint for their incredibly generous pledges!! I’m absolutely floored. Almost tripled the amount from yesterday! 19%!
Looks like I’m going to be crocheting like a mad crafter during baby season to make all these scarves people are ordering! :) I’m glad I thought of that one! 
Spending the remainder of the evening designing posters and fliers over a glass of wine and planning recording dates. 
The excitement abounds.