Diary 1994

My sister recently found a diary of mine from 1994.  

January 1:

"Happy new year!" (lot’s of scribbling and what looks like confetti.)

January 16:

"Today is Best day of my life"  (drawn happy face with buck teeth)

January 17:

"Today me and my Family went to church"

February 8:

"Dear diary Today I have asked my mom to get into Ballet and we got went to see The mighty Ducks"  (Side note: I never got into ballet.) 

March 27:

"Today we went to the shop and I went out to Diner and we got a Betta and a Bird and I lernd times          and I got to watch Deth Becomes her      I had a god day!"

March 29:

"I had Nicole sleep over. by"

June 22:

"Tobay is My Birthday"

July 4:

(Drawn firework at the top of the page) “Happy 4th of July I Had to go on the Top of a parking garage.”

July 5:

"tobay I saw my friend Dee and She is very Nice at albertsons"

July 6:

"tobay I watched tv and I Got in the pool"

July 7:

"tobay I went to the Book Store and The toy store"

July 8:

"today I watched TV and I had a Piano Lesson"

July 25:

"today me and my dad"

July 24:

"to Day is Cleaning Day I have to Clean My By"

July 31:

"Today I am going to a Birthday and all Today we art going to Do enithing"

September 9:

"toDay My friend’s MoM                Hi! This is Amy Afton’s friend. I am over at her house today! Bye!"

September 24:

"Today I went to Country Buffet with charlsea      What a wonderful day"

October 14:

"Today is Donalds Birthday.  He is seven and I would like to say hay oh buddy oh pal"

October 15:

"Today I have piano and Today I did a Gret wrok"

October 17:

"Today I went to church and came home then Briana and me played studies and we went back to church for carol choir and then I went to my Grandmother’s house then we came back home and had dinner and after that I went to play nintendo and I went to bed and before I went to bed I got my direy.     I have to go now by!"

December 10:

"last night me and Brittan got aloge am so glad taht I had a good day and today I love this day Bye"

December 14:

"Today we got Crhistmas presets"