Mittwoch Musik // 10

Okay, I’m a day late but, my life is a bit ‘nanas right now.  This week’s recommendation is Suzanne Vega’s self-titled, first album from 1985.  

Doug [Petty] and I were working on one of my new songs the other day and he says something like, “you know what this reminds me of?….Suzanne Vega.” and then he played me a few tracks from her first album.  

A part from “Tom’s Diner” I had never really heard any of her work.  

I’ll just say this: It’s weirdly wonderful when you’ve been unsure about the music you’re writing because it’s kind of “different” and then you stumble upon someone like Ms. Vega and are like, “Oh, OK I’m not THAT different then.  I get it.”  

Needless to say, I went home and bought the album (a few others from her catalog) right away and I love it.