Mittwoch Musik // 11

Last Friday I spontaneously met up with some friends to go to a show at the Satellite in Silver Lake.  I didn’t know who was playing.  I just wanted to get out of the apartment.  

We got there just after the first act had finished which to my surprise was Daniel Hart, St. Vincent’s long-time violinist/multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire.  I was rather bummed to have missed him play but, got to see him play later with the 3rd band, The Rosebuds

The friends I tagged along with came to see the 2nd band, Other Lives, who were actually fellow Okies from Stillwater.  My first impression was Thievery Corporation meets The Moody Blues?  (I was drinking, mind you).  

During the show, I messaged my sister to tell her she was going to love this band.  She replied with, “Um Other Lives used to be Kunek and I’ve personally known them for years.”  The lead singer, Jessie was a roommate of one of her good friend’s. Turns out this Jessie was at a wedding I attended years ago, too.  Small ass world!

All of that aside, the band was amazing. Kunek was/is amazing.  Good folk with some amazing talent.  Please check them out.