Oh, that sinking feeling 
It’s back again— 
Back to call your bluff 
And it reminds you of the wasted time 
In a world that doesn’t wait for you 
And it tears you up inside, I know.

Oh, those racing thoughts 
They’re back again— 
Back to rob your mind 
And they remind you of the chances lost 
And I wonder if you think of me 
In the way that I think of you.

Oh, You’re not here 
Oh, You’re not here 

Countdown 10 to 12: 
You’re back again— 
Back to clean the slate 
And you’ve allowed yourself to take the blame 
For the time you’ve spent building walls 
I’m sorry 
I’m sorry

Oh, you’re not here 
Oh, you’re not here 
Oh, you’re not here 

Written and performed by Sangster, ©2010
Sangster is Afton Hefley

the Sangster band is:
Afton Hefley on guitar and vocals
Andrew Halpin on guitar and vocals
Karolyn Halpin on vocals and glockenspiel
Rachel Cordy on vocals and melodica
Brooks Ball on percussion

Directed by Jeremy Cordy