one year

1 year ago today, Nick and I became (unofficially) official. Without getting too deep into backstory, the operative word here is “timing”. 

When we first met in August of 2011, the timing was off but, boy, did we know something was up. 

It was undeniable. We knew we would be together. It was the most compelling, strong, and transfixing message we had ever experienced. 

The timing was off for a few different reasons, the main one being that we both needed to do some mandatory growing a part, alone, in order to guarantee our joint and solitary happiness.
Had we not taken a leap of faith that day in May, I wonder if we would be together now. 
…..I believe we would, actually. 

It wasn’t easy. 

On May 25th, we never said the words, “Let’s be exclusive” or “Will you be my boyfriend/girlfriend”. We woke that morning just knowing. 
It wasn’t the brightest of days, however. Making a huge life decision like this comes with other sacrifices. 

But, we’ve grown, and we’ve built, and we’ve healed, and we’ve trusted, and we’ve loved. 

Nick is the love of my life. There is no doubt in my mind and my heart is full to the brim. 

Life is now focused. It has meaning. THIS gives it meaning. 

So, happy anniversary to Nick, and us. It’s been the most wonderful year of my life. I am forever changed.