OPERATION: zig's operation // SUCCESS!!!!!!

Everyone, I am so elated and flabbergasted to let you know that two nights ago, I started a fundraiser via a website called GiveForward.com. Within less than 12 hours the goal was reached!!!!!! Can you believe that?! Over $3500 that will pay for Zig’s procedure and post-op costs. 
The astonishing outpour from friends and family has been dumbfounding. I’m pretty speechless and amazed. We’re also just so happy, so, so happy that he will have this surgery soon and will most likely be right as rain in about 2 months. 
I made the appointment today. Zig goes into surgery on Monday afternoon. 

THANK YOU, EVERYONE! Even if you didn’t get a chance to donate or weren’t able to, your thoughts, prayers, and good wishes help more than you know. 
We’re all so very touched. 
We will keep everyone posted with Zig’s recovery. 

Thank you, all, again.


Afton, Zig, Nick, and Frida