Well, it’s been nearly 3 weeks since my debut was released. There has been quite a bit to do still for the campaign but, that’s all done now. I had a dream last night that I helped someone give birth in the back of a car. I pulled the smiling baby out and swaddled it. It was such a new a cool feeling. I’ve never had a dream like that.

Nick’s October residency is over and elastic hour has only 2 shows left. That leaves just teaching and a friend’s project I’ll be doing pre-production for. There are a couple of gigs here and there (other people’s). Also, been on the paleo diet for a month now and am fitting into old jeans again. So, that’s a solid lifestyle change that really doesn’t need too much attention. That was easy. I fly to Tulsa for Thanksgiving for a week in late November. Maybe another trip to New York to visit Nick’s family in December.

It’s all calming down and I find myself kind of reluctantly twiddling my thumbs.

I paid my car registration renewal, the apartment is cleaned from top to bottom, laundry is done, crocheting has continued (xmas gifts!), Halloween concert’s been planned for my school kids, Halloween costume is done…. There’s not much to do. Empty-nester syndrome.

I’m going to write and read…… I never do that. I may even practice a bit. Lot’s of options to consider like, maybe possibly school? (I think I just ralphed a little) Maybe work on that Burt Bacharach project? (though it seems like everyone’s done that) Maybe learn the American Songbook? Maybe start painting again? Maybe shop the EP around to people who’ll get it played? (that’s a big can of worms) Might be nice to write some kind of postlude tunes in the vein of “Human Becoming” so as to book some more shows and maybe a small tour? I really just want to spend some time in the woods at my parents’ cabin in NE Oklahoma. Ohhhhh, I don’t know. I’m honestly just enjoying sitting at home with the cats, watching Dr. Who, and taking in this nice sense of accomplishment. I’m tired.