re-shuffle, re-deal

I recently and single-handedly turned my world completely upside down.  If my life were a proverbial snow globe, I dropped it.  Didn’t break but, I’m not sure when everything will settle down again.

The clean-up process started last week as I embarked on a journey from LA to Tulsa in my car, alone.  The main objective was to visit my ailing grandpa.  He’s been going through hip replacement hell and is currently under care at the same assisted living facility that my grandma passed away in…in the same room.  My family kept reassuring me over the phone that he was doing alright but, I needed to see that with my own eyes. I had to go through that with my Granny and am not risking not being there again.  The good news is that he’ll get to go home sooner than we thought and he’s superman, so say all the nurses.  I chatted with him one night for about 2 hours and would’ve talked more but, it was already 9 pm and his roommate was going to sleep.  It was wonderful.

Other objectives were to retrieve my bicycle from my parent’s storage, recharge my emotional batteries, and to rally support and guidance from the family.  

The drive was an absolute test of will and I DO NOT plan on doing it again any time soon.  It was, on the flip side, therapeutic as I needed to put myself to that test.  22 hours and 1,400 miles…one way…all by my lonesome.  I may have lost a small percentage of my sanity but, who needs that nowadays anyway?

I did A LOT of thinking.  I have many blog topics I came up with for future posts.  Song ideas and life plans, too.  On the drive back I grieved for a lost friend and was forced to evaluate life even more.   

And I did a fair amount of music listening.  

In no particular order here’s a list of the albums I had never listened to in their entirety before my drive:

  • Maximum Balloon - Maximum Balloon (from my sister)
  • Nine Types Of Light - TV On The Radio (from my sister and loved LOT’S)
  • Omni - Minus The Bear (from my brother-in-law)
  • Low - David Bowie (made me sleepy and a bit hypnotized but, loved it)
  • Helplessness Blues - Fleet Foxes (played this one lot’s)
  • The Pleasure Principle - Gary Numan
  • Resolution, Pt. 1 - Samuel Joseph Kim
  • The Colour Of Spring - Talk Talk
  • Spirit Of Eden - Talk Talk
  • The Bends - Radiohead (it’s true - I’ve never listened to the whole album)

I also listened to GOBS of other stuff…I drove for a total of 44 hours….that’s a lot of music. 

And it just doesn’t stop! I just got back to LA last night and I’m already adding to my iTunes.  Feeling the need to engulf myself with music and disassociate for a day or so. 

Newbies include:

  • Wit’s End - Cass McCombs
  • Eye Contact - Gang Gang Dance (OMG I LOVE)
  • Music Has The Right To Children - Boards Of Canada
  • Wounded Rhymes - Lykke Li

I’m also incredibly excited about Washed Out’s new album.  The new track is stupid-good.


I’m at a crossroad and it’s terrifying. I’ll keep y’all posted.