I've said much too much in the trying to speak up

It’s amazing what adding a little therapy session, plus a writing session the next morning, plus a bit of wine that evening, can equal to regarding your perception.    

Who knows what these lyrics are about exactly but, LORD, do they speak to me ever-so clearly now:

Honey the party, you went away quickly

But oh, that’s the trouble with ticking and talking

I licked the ice cube from your empty glass

So we stayed much too late till they’re cleaning the ashtrays

Do you have change or a button, or cash? 

All my pockets hang out like two surrender flags 

Oh but, I’d pay an evening to keep my conscience clean

I’m keeping my eye on the exits, I’m steady now

How did we get here with creaks in these chairs?

Oh, there aren’t enough hands to point all the fingers

But, I sit transfixed by a hole in your T-shirt

I’ve said much too much in the trying to speak up

—from “The Party” by St. Vincent

Thank you, Annie Clark.