"Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening" - Salvador Dali, 1944

I’m not one to put all my eggs in one basket when it comes to subscribing to any belief, religion, theory, etc. Nor do I discount many, if not all of those postulations out there. 

If there’s one idea that I do, wholeheartedly agree with, it’s the idea that everything is connected. Great changes are happening across the board for all things and people, great and small.  

Just to highlight one in particular, I’d like to touch on dream analysis. I’ve been dreaming a lot lately as have a few of my close friends. There is a lot happening this year in terms of cosmic events: end of the Mayan calendar, transition into a new eon, annular eclipse of the sun, etc, and namely the transit of Venus aligning with Earth and the sun that is currently taking place during a full moon. It’s a celestial smorgasbord that is building up a lot of astral energies. 

I had a dream the other night that I had adopted about 6 new cats and couldn’t take care of them all. I kept losing them and forgetting to feed them. I was good about keeping their names straight, though. 

I had another where I was on a commercial plane that was secretly chosen by the UN to fly into space to derail an approaching asteroid that was sent by a warring galaxy to destroy our planet. It was like the ultimate jury duty that I couldn’t get out of. I was very VERY angry in this dream. 

Another dream had me actually yelling myself awake. That one was wicked! I dreamt that an old acquaintance from school had come up to me and I couldn’t, for the life of me, remember her name. She immediately flipped her lid…and then she had hoards of girls from my high school backing her up, all telling me how they hated me and all the reasons why. Oh, it was TERRIBLE. They started to scratch and claw and push and hit. It was cray cray. I turned around and yelled, “is there anyone who’s got my back?”….and there were all my dear friends standing there with torches and weapons ready to avenge me. I yelled to the bitches to let them know I had my posse ready to kick their asses, (and this is what I actually yelled in waking life), “GUESS WHAT?!!” Well, that officially woke me up. My heart was racing. It was the weirdest, most apoplectic dream I’ve ever had. 

So, yeah, the analysis in a nutshell is this: The asteroid derailment-jury duty-plane mission was symbolic of how I’m currently feeling a little out of control of a current situation; the presence of my “posse” was indicative of the “tribe” of friends I’ve built the last year and was a reminder of the happiness I’ve experienced recently; the hoards of high school girls wanting to kick my ass is apparently symbolic of some residual guilt happening; the animal hoarding and inability to care for all the cats is telling of how I’ve been feeling a little irresponsible lately. 

So, what does it all mean, Basil?!

Nothing too out of the ordinary, actually. I mean, life is quite nanners at the moment but, not anything new. I just wanted to share my recent spike in reverie energies and see if myself and my close friends are not alone.