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Where the hell has this year gone?  It’s already November?  I guess, when I think about it, it’s been an incredibly eventful year.  It’s just gone so fast.  Hard to believe that since November last year I’ve broken my ankle, toured OZ, Asia, and the East Coast, etc. Honestly, it’s been manic.  So many highs and lows.  2010: The Bi-Polar Year.

I’m feeling good which is important to point out because honestly, most of the time, I’m feeling not so good.  I would attribute that mostly to setting excruciatingly high expectations and goals for myself.  It turns you into a miserable little person and it’s not healthy—I don’t want to recommend it but, then again I do—so, do so at your own risk.

Now, I haven’t exceeded my expectations of myself in the least (I told you they’re high) but, this last year I’ve come surprisingly close to meeting them.  I never ever, ever believed some of these things would happen so soon.  I really should thank the cosmos, the greater good, faithful friends, lady luck, and good old self-perseverance.  

Ok so, down to the nitty-gritty—What the hell am I talking about?  

I’m actively working on MY music.  I’ve always “worked” on music but, now I’m finally working toward a goal and the results are very pleasing (I’m very tough to please).  I finally caved in and asked for help.  Novel idea, right?  I do believe I work best on my own but, when you’ve been trapped in an endless, negative circle of self-criticism for the past 6 years of your life, it’s time to swallow your pride and get some work done, ya know what I mean?  So, yes, I’m working with this wonderful human and it’s really, really exciting and productive.

I don’t know when/if anything will be released or at least be made public but, this will definitely be the place to (or Twitter) to hear it.  

It’s a wonderful feeling—feeling good and productive.  It feels good to get that out in the open.

I’m off to Tulsa (my hometown) this week for a wedding/inspiration.  

Speaking of inspiration:


Happy November~