by Sangster

Best described as mercurial, Sangster has created an album which is at once introspective and vulnerable, yet universal and thought-provoking. The openness of the song writing allows for sweeping multi-faceted musical arrangements that range from deep, pulsating grooves of lush, polyphonic layers, to austere lonely vocals sparsely accompanied by two perfectly plucked guitar notes. This process oriented record reminds the listener that being human is "Human Becoming".


released 08 October 2013 

“The Conversation” // 2009 
Afton Hefley: vocals, background vocals, & guitars 
Gavin Salmon: drums & percussion 
Artyom Manukyan: cello 
Ross Garren: harmonicas, harmonium, & piano 
Nick Mancini: vibraphone 

“Girls Are Grown And Gone” // 2010 
Afton Hefley: vocals, background vocals, acoustic guitar, & electric guitar 
Gavin Salmon: drums & percussion 
Artyom Manukyan: cello & bass 
Ross Garren: harmonicas, piano, & additional percussion programming 
Nick Mancini: vibraphone & marimba 
Grethel Bonilla: electric guitar 

“Neither here…” // 2010 
Afton Hefley: vocals, background vocals, & acoustic guitar 
Gavin Salmon: drums & percussion 
Artyom Manukyan: cello & bass 
Nick Mancini: vibraphone 
Ross Garren: flute sample programming, glockenspiel 
Grethel Bonilla: electric guitar 

“Done” // 2011 
Afton Hefley: vocals, background vocals, acoustic guitars, vocal arrangement, & flute 
Nick Mancini: vibraphone, marimba, drums & percussion 
Artyom Manukyan: bass 
Ross Garren: flute sample programming 
Genevieve Artadi: background vocals & vocal arrangement 
Keith Woolf: background vocals 
Francesco Cañas: violin 

“Triangle” // 2012 
Afton Hefley: vocals, background vocals, & acoustic guitar 
Gavin Salmon: drums & percussion 
Artyom Manukyan: cello & bass 
Ross Garren: harmonicas, piano, Wurlitzer, & sound design 
Nick Mancini: vibraphone, marimba, & additional drums 

All songs written & arranged by Afton Hefley, ASCAP 2013 
Tracks 1, 2, & 5 produced by Afton Hefley & Ross Garren 
Tracks 3 & 4 produced by Afton Hefley & Nick Mancini 
Engineered & mixed by Ethan Carlson at Studio B in Studio City, CA 
Piano tracks engineered by Sean P. Jones, assisted by Josh Franks at Stagg Street Studio in Van Nuys, CA 
Mastered by Reuben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering 

Nick Mancini uses a Majestic vibraphone and mallets by Innovative Percussion 
Artyom Manukyan uses a custom bass made by Armen Bibulyan 
Ross Garren uses Seydel harmonicas and CME MIDI Controllers 

Album artwork: Bridget Klappert 
Photography: Keith Woolf 
Album layout: Keith Woolf & Alana Purcell 


Gary Denton & Melody Carpenter & Josh Franks at Stagg Street Studio, Abby & Dan Savell at LA Percussion Rentals, Nikki Neves & Cory at Lurssen Mastering, Tim Yalda at Curve Line Space, Rachelle & Tom at Left Coast Wine Bar, Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church, Cecelia at PledgeMusic, Bryan Kelly at Groove House Records, Joon Lee and staff at Blue Whale, & the Tears For Fears family. 

To my pledgers…. 
None of this would have been possible without your donations. I am truly grateful. 

Tracy Spears, Dave Meros, Benjamin Sperber, Janis Walkingstick, Arlene Wszalek, Adrienne & Brad Henske, Janice Whaley, Kevin Krohn, Craig Bartlett, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Ross Garren, Najam Saeed, Kelly Diaz, Ai Buangsuwon, Carrî ÐuPoint, Maria Beck, Vardan Ovsepian, Suzanne Olden, Nichole Halgren , Sarah Pigion, Eric Schaefer, Stuart Paterson, Curt Smith, Sébastien Proulx, Anitra Novy, Sheila Kingsley, Cynthia Jamin, Toni Lebel, Phyllis Yogi, Rise Hixon,Angie Huber Bair, Cassie Shires, Karen Gaines Wilkinson, Matthew Yeakley, Lael Mark, Dona McClure, Stanislav Sitnitsky, Andressa Andrade, Steve Christian, Dave Hefley, Brianna Zarlinga, Stan DeWitt, Corey Smith, Natasha Agrama, Tom Ames, Steve Hefley, Ben Yadegarian, Cyndy Fujikawa, Kathryn Christie, Celia Chavez, Tom Sheehan, Robert & Carla Hefley, Manisha Shahane, Julie Greathouse, Alan Morse, Allan Humphrey, Gloria Wehrenberg, Nick Mancini, Tim Yalda, Andrea Ketchum, Kit Petrie, Briana Hefley, Tom Bartolac, Danny Hall, Juliane Gralle, James McConnell, Leanne Buckley, Roland Orzabal, Sara Leib, Diana Maio, Cathy Segal-Garcia, Lisa Groening, Jeremy Cordy, Jessica Jeza-Vautor, & Michael Kavin. 

This record would also not be possible without the guidance, support, inspiration, & love from the love of my life, Nick Mancini. 
And to my ever-supportive family, Momma & Daddy, Briana & Brent (and little Rio): thank you for putting up with my ups and downs, for your monetary and emotional support, your reality checks, and your inspiration. I truly am blessed. 
To Doug Petty: it was your guidance and re-assurance to light the fire in me with these songs. You helped shape this record. 
To Carla Jamie Perez: for your tutelage, guidance, light, imagery, ass-kickings, and faith. I have found my true voice through you. 
To Curt Smith (and family): thank you for the constant guitar loaning, social media shout-outs, employment, friendship, and guidance. 
To Rachel & Jeremy Cordy: you know, for everything. 
To Tanya Malcolm, for helping me realize when I was “done”. 
To my extended family: Mimi, Papa, Uncle Dave & Aunt Charlene, Darren & Angie, Jason & Melissa, Uncle Steve & Eric, Uncle Brian & Aunt Brenda, Nicole, Aunt Dana & Uncle Wayne, Brittanny, & Hunter. 
To my old family at New Haven UMC: thank you for my music upbringing. 
To my students current and former – you inspire me daily. 
To my near and dear friends, new and old: 
Angie, Craig, Grethel, Keith, Lindsay, Mikkee, Manisha, Bill “Big Willy” Lanham, Diana Kazakova, Tim Yalda, Bridget Klappert, Sarah Pigion, Yeva Babayan, Marcie Servedio, Kathryn Christie, Tom Ames, Brooks Ball, Karolyn Halpin, Andrew Halpin, Celia Chavez, Chelsea Coleman, Carina Round, Anthony Arvisu, Ellen Petty, Arlene Wszalek, Cheryl Thompson, Geoffrey Rose, Linda Adams, Andrea Calderwood, Matt Salmons, Adrianne Duncan, Jason Luckett, Zach Harmon, Dave Wood, Matt Yeakley, Will Lovell, & Zig and Frida, of course. 

This debut record is dedicated to my Granny, Julia Carol Sangster Blissit.