Hailing from Tulsa, OK, Afton moved to SoCal in 2006 to pursue a career in music. Since her arrival, she has maintained a roster of private music students, and has taught general music in elementary schools. In the fall of 2017, Afton became the new soprano section leader and soloist at the historic St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Glendale, CA at which she can be heard on almost any given Sunday. During the holidays, she has worked as a professional Christmas caroler, and is an active member and frequent soloist in the highly acclaimed Pasadena Master Chorale.
Some may know her from a 4 year presence as a touring production manager, (and sometimes, backing vocalist) with the wildly celebrated 80's band, Tears For Fears, (2007-11). In 2013, under the pen-name Sangster, she released a 5 song EP of original music titled “Human Becoming.” In 2015, she provided the two main vocal parts for composer and flautist, Leah Paul's original chamber ensemble album, "We Will Do The Worrying" (Skirl Records), which was released in the fall of 2016, to good reviews on New Sounds WNYC and in the LA Times. 
As of 2017, Afton has, once again, become a full-time student in pursuit of a degree in psychology. She lives in Glendale with her husband Nick, and their 3 cats, Zig, Frida, and Bess.
Renowned jazz guitarist, Larry Koonse remarked, “I was totally floored. [Afton’s] music (and vocal quality) gets me right in the gut and heart. What a gorgeous sound she has along with a beautiful way of shaping the experience (phrasing) - My God …. what a gift!"