I had the utmost honor of singing lead vocals on Leah Paul’s new album, We Will Do The Worrying, was released on November 20, 2016. This is Leah’s third full length album on Skirl Records, following 2014’s Trenza and 2012’s Bike Lane.
We Will Do The Worrying is an extension of the rich chamber writing Leah has honed on her previous albums, this time bringing in lushly layered vocals, alluring string quartet arrangements and percussive elements to create vignettes of other-worldly landscapes and experiences. Leah’s gift for weaving harmonically textural motifs, playful rhythmic counterpoint and sparse yet meaningful lyrics allow the ten pieces on this album to soar, sparking imaginative daydreams in the minds-eye of the listener.

You can purchase the album here: https://leahpaul.bandcamp.com/album/we-will-do-the-worrying-2

"Beautiful new record from the flutist, composer and occasional singer Leah Paul...chamber music that has morphed into a kind of art songs, nicely done"  -John Schaefer, New Sounds WNYC

"...you'd think she'd have plenty worries of her own, what with trying to achieve a deft balance of classical, jazz and art-song aesthetics in her music. But she has done it with such seeming ease that it's hard to find the seams...there's no shoehorning of styles, no self-satisfied sense of achievement merely from bringing things together. Rather it's a natural flow from an artist who seemingly has never considered there are different styles, but that music is music." -Steve Hochman, Tuesday Reviewsday, Southern California Public Radio

"A nearly impossible to pin down flutist and composer…Paul has delivered another category-defying beauty with her latest album…a lush and dreamy take on modern chamber music." -Chris Barton, LA Times

Flutes/backing vocals // Leah Paul
Lead vocals // Afton Hefley
Clarinet // Chris Speed
Vibraphone // Nick Mancini
Violin // Joyce Hammann, Mark Feldman
Viola // Junah Chung
Cello // Dave Eggar
Recorded and Mixed by Andy Taub @ Brooklyn Recording
Addition recording by Griffin Rodriguez
Mastered By Mell Dettmer